Our goal  is to be the foremost solution for medical and laboratory equipment repairing. We strive to consistently exceed client expectations by delivering swift, accurate, and reliable repair services. Through continuous innovation and expertise, we aim to enhance the operational lifespan of crucial equipment, ensuring seamless healthcare delivery and scientific research. Our ultimate objective is to contribute significantly to the advancement of medical and laboratory practices, establishing CURE VIBE as a trusted name in the industry.


We envisions becoming a global leader in medical and laboratory equipment repairing. We’re committed to ensuring that healthcare providers and researchers have uninterrupted access to accurate diagnostics and reliable machinery. By delivering top-notch repair services, we aim to enhance patient care, support scientific breakthroughs, and contribute to the overall advancement of medical and scientific endeavours on a larger scale. Our vision is to be the trusted partner in upholding precision and progress.


We mission is to provide impeccable medical and laboratory equipment repair services that empower healthcare and research professionals. Through our skilled technicians and cutting-edge diagnostics, we aim to swiftly restore equipment functionality, minimizing disruptions. By ensuring accurate diagnoses and timely repairs, we are dedicated to fostering seamless medical and scientific advancements. Our mission is to be the reliable pillar supporting precision, innovation, and progress in the healthcare and research sectors.


Automated Material Handling Solutions for Medical Supply Distribution

Automation allows you to ship products more rapidly, accurately and economically to hospitals and retail chains.

Barrier Packaging

Barrier Packaging

Building Solutions & the Connected Hospital

Transform your operations to more secure, energy efficient and connected.

Healthcare Scanners & Printers

Our solutions help error-proof tasks from patient identification during admissions to delivering medication to collecting lab specimens.

Medical Grade Fibers

Biocompatible, ultra-lightweight fiber for sutures, surgical robots catheters and ACL/PCL reconstruction.

Mobility Devices

Healthcare mobile computers help maximize clinician productivity and data capture and streamline communication among members of the care team.

Propellant for Metered Dose Inhalers

Breakthrough technology for inhalers with near-zero global warming potential.

Respiratory, Hand and Face Protection

High-performance healthcare PPE solutions that are designed for exceptional fit help keep front-line medical providers safe.

Sensors for Hospital and Remote Care Equipment

High-performance healthcare PPE solutions that are designed for exceptional fit help keep front-line medical providers safe.

Specialized Support Service

To provide QUALITY healthcare products at affordable prices. To satisfy our clients’ needs & expectations of Medical equipment in UAE.

Medical & Surgical

We deals in Surgical Products, Nursing Consumables, Anesthesia and Respiratory Products, Incontinence & Urology Products, Sterilization Products CSSD Products) etc.

Intensive care

Professional design for adult, child and infant inhalation anesthesia and respiratory management, with advanced ventilation modes.

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Delrus Medical Surgical Equipment Trading specializes in comprehensive medical and laboratory equipment repair services. Our skilled technicians ensure precise diagnostics, maintenance, and swift repairs, maximizing equipment functionality. Trust us to restore your essential medical and laboratory tools, ensuring seamless operations, accuracy, and reliability within the healthcare and research sectors.